20 September 2020, Sunday, 0:19
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Airborne Officer: Paratroopers Have Always Been Elite And They Side With People

Airborne Officer: Paratroopers Have Always Been Elite And They Side With People

And the interests of the "master" are protected by dogs who hide their faces under masks.

On the eve of the Paratrooper's Day, Airborne Officer Anatol Prakapenka recorded a video message to all those who wear or used to wear a blue beret:

- I, Anatol Prakapenka, reserve officer, who served in the airborne troops, started my service in the Pskov division of the Airborne Forces.

Comrades soldiers, sergeants and officers, former and present acting. I congratulate you on the coming holiday, the Day of Airborne Troops. I would like to address you today, as our airborne troops are the elite of the armed forces, and we must honorably perform our duties, which our people impose on us.

The airborne troops have always been the elite of the armed forces and they defend the interests of the people. They defend the interests of the people, not those of the master. The interests of our master are protected by dogs that serve him faithfully and hide their faces under masks, you do not belong to them.

Therefore, do not follow the criminal orders, which will come from this gang, because you will be despised, not only the people of Belarus will look at you spitefully, but also your children will look at you spitefully.

Because those people who followed the orders of this man, who killed Zakharanka, who killed other politicians, now they repent, hide their faces, but the time will come and they will be held accountable for all this.

Did your grandfathers, fathers fight for this, did they build this country, did they build these factories so that it all belonged to this crook, his group? So now thousands of people voluntarily, without any merry-go-rounds he's talking about, are taking to the streets and waiting for changes. They want changes, they want this cheater to leave, they want the country to have elections, they want the people, according to the constitution, to be able to choose this power.

Mikalai Statkevich did his best after leaving prison, when he was imprisoned in 2010, so that there would be changes in the country, and his party is now doing its best, will do everything. We will do everything to get the elections back!

The Constitution says: the people are the source of power. And in our country this source has turned into one person, this swindler. So we must stop this shell game. I once again send Mikalai Statkevich's best regards to you and the congratulations on this holiday, so that you could meet him with dignity and continue the line of your fathers and grandfathers with dignity.

Happy holiday!