22 October 2020, Thursday, 20:50
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Lukashenka Has Already Lost Power

Lukashenka Has Already Lost Power

The usurper really rules only the AMAP and the protocol service.

A semi-underground inauguration of Lukashenka was unexpectedly held in Minsk, which once again demonstrated that the well-recognized ruler is clearly not going to retire voluntarily, Yury Pshennik writes in an article on the Nashe Mnienije website.

In other words, he is with no longer blue, but very blue fingers holds on... A separate question is what he holds on? Usually, they say he holds on power. But is it? Does he have real power today?

Let's take as a basis the criterion of effective problem-solving. The famous American musician Moby said in an interview with Meduza: "I just think that in the end there should be some kind of politics. It's as simple as that. Politics should not create more problems than it solves."

Indeed: the people choose the government so that it can solve people's problems, and not produce them. With the power of Lukashenka, everything looks exactly the opposite. It primarily generates problems but does not solve them. Moreover, our "permanent leader" creates problems for everyone.

In principle, the pandemic situation has already shown that at this stage of his evolution, Lukashenka is not just a bad, but a very bad manager. Although very cruel. And a bad manager does not really rule, no matter what title he has. Some "Richelieu" who has real power would rule - but this is not our case. Lukashenka doesn't trust anyone. Everyone remembers the "management actions" of that time - a tractor, goats, parades, and so on. As a result, it turned out that, according to the UN, mortality figures in Belarus are absolutely unprecedented. Such has not been observed even once for all the times while detailed statistics are kept on the UN website - since 1980. Based on these figures, the mortality rate for April-June exceeded the average over the past 5 years by about 5500 people. This is probably the real result of the coronavirus epidemic in our country.

Then the situation only worsened. The authorities failed miserably and even demonstratively in the presidential elections, and we will observe the consequences of this failure for a long time. In the international arena, many countries have already recognized the Coordination Council as the representative of the Belarusian people. And Lukashenka is no longer recognized as such. And the people of the country did not recognize him as such either, and even earlier. So is he the power or not? Rather, no longer. Well, perhaps over the AMAP and the "protocol service."

In general, he is being held only by repression and targeted help from his "elder brother." He, of course, can arrest, beat, and even kill anyone. And so far with impunity. Is this not an indication that he is ruling? Obviously not. True power is more than just violence. This even applies to overtly repressive countries like North Korea. In Belarus today, violence and repression are practically the last sphere where the government has been protecting the government since then, but this is by no means power over the country. And if law enforcement agencies are forced to carry out raids on industrial enterprises all the time, then this is something quite far from "effective management."

Anyone can destroy, ruin, or steal. But to ensure the functioning, and even with a profit, only a real owner can. Obviously, Lukashenka is no longer such - the current socio-economic "successes" are a clear confirmation of this. Lukashenka is in charge of management in this area is purely nominal. The growing debt burden, corruption, sabotage of "high" orders - this is by no means a complete list of problems that our government creates.

It turns out that Lukashenka is now holding onto with his "blue fingers" only the right to create problems with impunity. Or for ultimately leaving as badly as possible. And for himself, and for relatives, for everyone. It's strange for me, to put it mildly.