22 October 2020, Thursday, 11:38
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All Performances Are Canceled At Hrodna Drama Theater

All Performances Are Canceled At Hrodna Drama Theater

The theater goes into rehearsal mode.

The leading stage actor Ihar Ullianau is fired at the Hrodna Drama Theater. He announced to the audience last Sunday that the artists were suspending the performance because their colleagues, Honored Artist of Belarus Siarhej Kurylenka and his wife Valiantsina Kharitonava, were detained at the protest action.

Also, as the Hrodna Drama Theater actors told tut.by, all performances are canceled, and the institution goes into rehearsal mode. The official reason is the epidemiological situation in the theater.

At a peaceful rally in Hrodna, which took place last Sunday, September 20, the Hrodna Drama Theater actors were detained, among others, the 64-year-old Honored Artist of Belarus Siarhej Kurylenka and his wife, Valiantsina Kharitonava. Upon learning of their colleagues' detention, the actors involved in the evening performance announced to the audience after the intermission (12 people came to watch the performance) that they were interrupting their performance as a sign of solidarity with the detained actors. Later, the artists had a conversation with the director of the theater. The governor of the Hrodna region Uladzimir Karanik also visited the artists.

On the same day, it became known that actress Elizaveta Milintsevich was dismissed from the theater "by agreement of the parties". On Sunday, September 20, she took part in a play that was interrupted due to the detention of two actors.


- Now, four artists - Vasil Minich, Natallia Leonava, Siarhej Kurylenka, and Valiantsina Kharitonava - are being deprived of prizes and all additional payments. The leading stage actor Ihar Ullianau was dismissed, and the theater is switching to rehearsal mode. All performances for which tickets were purchased have been canceled. It turns out that money does not come to the cashier, artists, and employees, and there are about a hundred those doomed to lack of money. But what are people to blame for ?" - the actors tell emotionally.

The official reason for the closure of the theater for spectators is the institution's unfavorable epidemiological situation.

"We are at a loss if there is a coronavirus in the theater, then it's logical to cancel rehearsals so that the actors are protected," the artists say.

Recently, not very many people came to the performances at the Hrodna Drama Theater. There were cases when actors played for three people. The director of the theater Ihar Hedzich told tut.by that since April this year, the attendance has dropped dramatically, but the theater, in spite of everything, has not been closed.

But for the performances, which, for example, were supposed to take place on September 25 and 26, a lot of tickets were bought. So, there are no more empty seats in the stalls for the performance of "The Overcoat," which was supposed to take place this Saturday.

The situation is almost the same as the production of "Fahrenheit 451," which was scheduled for today, September 25.

It was not possible to get an official comment on the situation in the theater from the administration of the institution tut.by. The director of the Hrodna Drama Theater referred to being busy.