24 October 2020, Saturday, 17:57
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Eyewitnesses Told About the Lawlessness of Punishers in a Pizzeria in Uruchcha

Eyewitnesses Told About the Lawlessness of Punishers in a Pizzeria in Uruchcha

The "Karajeutsy" ran after the protesters right into the catering establishments.

Another protest Sunday in Minsk did not remain without arrests. Some of them were quite brutal: the security forces ran after the protesters right into the catering establishments. Thus, one of the most severe detentions happened in the "Dodo Pizza" in the shopping center "Spectrum" in Uruchcha. Tut.by found out from eyewitnesses how it happened.

"Those who ran into the pizzeria at the last moment were detained"

One of Dodo Pizza visitors, Alena, said that she and her friend went to the march. Somewhere at 17.40, the girls decided to leave the march and got to Uruchcha by the first transport they came across. They decided to eat at Dodo Pizza; they were there at about 18.30.

- There were two or three tables occupied in the cafe for the whole pizzeria. We made an order and, while we were waiting for it, we heard that one of the female employees was monitoring Telegram and telling her colleagues: "The column is moving towards Uruchcha." Then, it started to rain; more and more people began to enter the pizzeria, the queue became longer; people who entered were soaked. We put two guys in our place so that AMAP would not take them, made it appear that we were sitting in a company and eating.

The interlocutor says that there were "guys with flags on their shoulders" who entered the pizzeria, and it was clear that people came from the protests.

- At some point, the queue became large, about 30 people. They were all inside the pizzeria. Then someone at the end of the line said: "They're coming, AMAP are coming!" Some guy who, apparently, was the last to run in, in light-colored trousers, began to jump over the table, the AMAP ran after him, hitting him with a truncheon. In the end, they knocked him down. Then, a few more AMAP officers came in; they went to the toilet side and detained there a dark guy with a beard. Another guy tried to run out through the second exit, which leads to the mall, but was knocked down and detained.

Alena says that all the detainees had not been to the pizzeria before; they went literally in front of law enforcement officers. According to the eyewitness, they detained those who were purposefully followed. According to the girl, everything happened quickly, literally, in two or three minutes.

"One guy was on the verge of being arrested, but said he was buying lemonade (and he was)"

Another visitor, Chrystyna, describes the same, with one exception: according to her, two people were detained in a pizzeria, not three people. It all happened like this: the law enforcement officers ran after the guy in the blue raincoat, the security officer hit him with a truncheon, the guy managed to escape, but he was still detained: near the door that led from the pizzeria to the corridor of the shopping center.

- From somewhere behind, on the left side of the counter, another man was brought out (dark-haired, with a beard, in a black jacket and a blue jacket or T-shirt). He was simply led to the exit. Another guy was literally one step away from being detained, he was standing in the doorway, but the security officials were convinced by the fact that he said that he was just buying lemonade (he was).

The girl felt that everything happened in "three to five minutes." After that, an employee of Dodo Pizza came out from behind the counter and said that they no longer accept orders, but whoever wants to can stay and finish the pizza or just "sit out."

"The guy ran through the whole pizzeria, but he was detained in the vestibule."

Chrystyna's words are repeated by another eyewitness - Andrej. He ended up in the pizzeria at about 19 o'clock; there were already a lot of people at that moment; five minutes later, three guys ran inside: one was in a blue raincoat, the second in a dark jacket with a small beard. Where the third "disappeared" was unclear, perhaps, he sat down with someone at a table or he was detained right at the main entrance, where there was a crowd.

- The first one ran towards the second exit, ran through the whole pizzeria, but three AMAP officers ran after him and detained him in the vestibule, in the direction of the Krasny Pischevik store. The second guy ran into the office building, but one of the AMAP officers saw him, and a crowd of seven people ran after him.

At this time, Andrej continues, the manager of the pizzeria went into the hall, closed the second exit, and when she saw that the AMAP had run into the working area, she asked them to leave the premises. However, the guy who tried to hide outside the hall was still taken away.

Andrej felt that everything happened in about a minute or two.