5 March 2021, Friday, 14:02
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Fasel, Note to Self: Psychopath Karpenkou Urges Policemen to Kill Protestors to Protect Lukashenka's Family

Fasel, Note to Self: Psychopath Karpenkou Urges Policemen to Kill Protestors to Protect Lukashenka's Family

There is a new wiretap of the regime's criminals.

The BYPOL initiative has published an audio recording: a man with a voice similar to that of the former head of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption and current Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of Internal Troops Mikalai Karpenkou speaks about a meeting with Lukashenka. It was directly stated that weapons had to be used against peaceful protesters.

Judging by statements of the person, the recording was made after October 29. It mentions that Ivan Kubrakou was appointed the new Minister of Internal Affairs. It may be that the recording was made after November 19, when Mikalai Karpenkou was appointed deputy minister.

At the beginning of the recording, a man speaks about the Russian Yarygin pistol, which the Belarusian security forces allegedly received. Judging by the sounds on the recording, the man is holding the gun in his hand and showing other people how it works.

"So as Lukashenka said, use non-lethal weapons. Shoot at point-blank range: in the legs, the stomach, the testes. Well, inflict something like that. Either cripple, mutilate or kill him. Use a weapon right in his forehead, face, right there. Then he'll never go back to the state he was before. Well, if doctors resuscitate him, let it be. He won't have half of his brain... it serves him right. These are unnecessary people in our country," says Karpenkou.

"If the police have tasks they continue to perform. They succeed, the crime rate has dropped, and the police have another task: to protect everyone (the head of state, his entourage, his family)," summed up Karpenkou.

Also, psychopath Karpenkou stated that Aliaksandr Taraikouski died from a rubber bullet, which "hit his chest."

"He was standing there in his T-shirt. I don't think it stuck on the other side of his T-shirt," Karpenkou reported.

We recommend the head of the IIHF, Rene Fasel to listen to this audio recording. After all, he still has a piece of hope to host the Ice Hockey World Championship in Belarus, where Lukashenka and his gang run the show.