8 December 2021, Wednesday, 10:37
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The Regime Is Rushing to Its Logical Conclusion

The Regime Is Rushing to Its Logical Conclusion

The workers are waiting for the announcement of the strike, they have nothing to lose.

The opinion of an employee of one of the Minsk enterprises was published by the BOR telegram channel:

- I really want to share my opinion on the strike. The bosses have never had such fear. On the day of the announcement of the pre-strike state, the management began to send foremen and shift supervisors to search for those who did not come to work. I witnessed how a foreman stood near the entrance to talk to a worker who had just gone on a binge. A month later, he came back to work and is working as if nothing had happened.

The workers are waiting for the strike, there is simply nothing to lose. The outflow of workers is colossal. The sanctions “don't work,” but even private print firms cannot buy the raw materials. Everything goes to its logical conclusion.

A little more waiting, and we won't even have to declare a strike. This fire cannot be extinguished until it burns out everything. Everyone just needs to be reminded once again that we are a people, and we decide how we should live. If anyone doubts - let them remember August last year. It cannot be forgiven. The flowers are over. Now all those involved must answer for every Belarusian.

We must understand that only “I” here decides everything, because “I” is a people and not one person. Together until victory. If I don't see it, I did everything I could for it. Belarus will be free!

There will be a strike.