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Attempted Shooting At Interior Minister In Minsk

Attempted Shooting At Interior Minister In Minsk

He miraculously survived.

75 years ago in Minsk, they shot at the Minister of Internal Affairs of the republic Siarhei Belchanka (1902 - 2002). He miraculously survived. The sniper's bullet did not pierce the blanket, Belchanka received only a mild burn. This incident is known from the memoirs of the minister.

“The bandits purposefully hunted me,” wrote Siarhei Belchanka. “In Minsk on October 16, 1946, a sniper from a shed located next to the house, aiming through the attic window at my bedroom window, shot at me.”

The minister recalls that this happened at dawn, shortly after he returned home: “Since I was covered that day with a blanket bought by Nadzeya [Siarhei Belchanka’s wife], the bullet flying at me did not pierce the thickness of the cotton wool, but, curling it into a ball, stuck there, inflicting a blow in the abdomen and a mild burn.”

From the memoirs of Belchanka it follows that the shooter was never found. By the way, in other Soviet republics at that time there were no such attempts at the life of interior ministers.