17 June 2021, Thursday, 12:21
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

‘Pavel Yukhnevich Knows That We Will Win’

‘Pavel Yukhnevich Knows That We Will Win’

Freedom to the heroes!

“I remember us breaking through several rows of riot policemen (besides, it was the riot police detachments from Mahiliou and Homel) under the leadership of Pavel Yukhnevich, on March 25, 2008 in Minsk!

Pavel has been fighting for the free Belarus without the kolkhoz junta for 20 years” the Narodnaya Hramada Telegram channel writes.

“He was a candidate from the European Belarus at the “elections” to the fake “parliament”. Then, the day before the “voting”, he burnt down his candidate certificate in Freedom Square. Other European Belarus candidates, and Alena Talstaya, did the same.

At the reburial of Kastus Kalinouski’s remains in November 2019 in Vilnius he told us: “I am Pasha, and I am 18 again!”

In 2020, he was in the streets and squares of our cities, among hundreds of thousands of free Belarusians.

Pavel has been in captivity for over 7 months by now.

Pavel Yukhnevich knows that they take no prisoners at war. He also knows that we will win.

Freedom to Pavel Yukhnevich! Freedom to all political prisoners! Freedom to Belarus!