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Historian Aliaksandr Frydman: Lukashenka Is Increasingly Talking About the Executed Friends-Dictators

Historian Aliaksandr Frydman: Lukashenka Is Increasingly Talking About the Executed Friends-Dictators
Aliaksandr Frydman

This thought will haunt the usurper for the rest of his days.

The statement of German lawyers to the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany hurt and angered Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The reaction was not long in coming, writes the historian from Dusseldorf Aliaksandr Frydman, Radio Svaboda informs.

As expected, Lukashenka did not speak on the merits of the accusations. Nevertheless, he perfectly understands what horrific events have taken place recently and continue to occur in Belarus. He also knows that he may have to bear responsibility for them. Lukashenka will live with this unpleasant thought for the rest of his life. The same way as his “friends” Gaddafi, Milosevic, Chavez, Hussein, and Mugabe lived with this thought, about whom Lukashenka talks more and more often and whose fate it is difficult to call enviable.

The statement of the lawyers caused another attack of Germanophobia in Lukashenka, and he attacked the German "heirs of fascism." Nothing is surprising here. These are old Soviet propaganda clichés, which political instructor Lukashenka studied during his military service and disseminated the Knowledge Society as the executive secretary of the Shklou organization.

Since the same Brezhnev era, the concept of the “Great Patriotic War” has been taking place, which today's Belarusian state propaganda urgently seeks to adapt to new political realities and use in the fight against the democratic protest movement.

Can this work out? I’m sure it cannot. And the point here is not even the naphthalene neo-Sovietism of this concept. The point is Lukashenka himself, whose anti-rating goes off scale, whom the majority of Belarusians no longer perceive; they dream of his departure and reject everything that comes from the regime.

Lukashenka has no political future, the current situation does not inspire optimism, and his gaze is directed to the past. And this is probably the main thing that you need to know about Aliaksandr Lukashenka's speech yesterday.