28 July 2021, Wednesday, 13:29
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Workers, You Are Irreplaceable!

Workers, You Are Irreplaceable!

The future is ours.

Every enterprise in our country has the most unique workers, whose labor cannot be replaced without special training. Nobody, except us, knows how to properly drill a mine, how to process oil into high-quality products, how to properly conduct the process of obtaining nitrogen and other fertilizers. And the most complicated schemes of the instrumentation service or a huge number of electricians' wiring - who can figure this out without training?! But what can I say: not everyone can replace a turner or a locksmith in production. The guardsmen swinging clubs probably do not know how to use the same screwdriver. And there won't be enough strikebreakers for everyone.

Absolutely every enterprise is significant for our country, and its workers are the only force thanks to which the enterprises work. Stop devaluing your work. Stalin's phrase "there are no irreplaceable people" has outlived its usefulness just like the collective farm dictatorship in the 21st century.

We are irreplaceable not only at our enterprises but also in the Belarusian revolution. A lot depends on us because sanctions, strikes, protests are exactly what will lead us to victory.

It does not matter what kind of enterprise we work in - an urban planning giant or a small enterprise for the production of parts and spare parts. It doesn't matter who the person is by profession - a simple worker or an engineer. We are all irreplaceable, we can all become heroes of the new free Belarus. It is only necessary to unite and break the blue fingers with our working tools.

The regime has come to an end, the future is ours.

Artem Chernikov, activist of the labor movement, specially for Basta!