3 August 2021, Tuesday, 7:53
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Ukrainian MP: Sanctions Must Be Toughened Up To Complete Block Of Belarusian Regime

Ukrainian MP: Sanctions Must Be Toughened Up To Complete Block Of Belarusian Regime

It's time to use the most effective measures against the dictator.

Ukrainian MPs sent an appeal to prosecutor general Irina Venediktova regarding Lukashenka's cooperation with the terrorists of the so-called "LPR". They demanded to initiate a criminal case against the Belarusian dictator.

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada deputies called on the governments of the world to cut off diplomatic relations with Lukashenka's regime entirely and also to introduce new sanctions against the usurper and his accomplices.

The Charter97.org website spoke to the author of these initiatives, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, head of the inter-faction association "For Democratic Belarus," Aleksei Goncharenko.

- Cooperation with terrorists who kill Ukrainians and have seized part of our territory with the help of Russia is a red line for Ukraine. The reaction must be as tough as possible. This is a violation of our sovereignty.

- How do you imagine the trial of Lukashenka for cooperation with terrorists? What might be the consequences of such a case?

- If the case is initiated and there is an investigation, we have a procedure for trial in absentia, theoretically we can follow it. I understand that there are a lot of legal complexities. It's not certain that we'll get to the end of this path, but even if we start, it would be a good sign.

- Ukraine and the European Union have imposed sanctions against the regime in Belarus. How effective are they and is it worth strengthening them?

- Yes, it is worth to strengthen them. As for me, their effectiveness is still low. Sanctions must be tightened up to the total block of Lukashenka's regime and cessation of all cooperation with it.

- The European Union is on the verge of imposing a fourth package of economic sanctions against the regime in Belarus, which will be sectoral in nature and will affect the banking and financial sector, oil exports, potash industry and other sources of income for Lukashenka and his entourage. Why is it important to take such measures against dictatorial regimes?

- Such a package of sanctions will really have a serious impact, because all this economic activity actually helps to support the security forces that keep his regime in power. Today, Lukashenka holds on to two pillars - the security forces and Putin. If Lukashenka does not have money to pay for the loyalty of the enforcers, or if he becomes an even greater burden on Putin, his regime may fall. This is why such measures must be taken, everything must be done.

- In your opinion, what kinds of sanctions are most effective against the regime in Belarus? What else can be done to weaken the power of the usurper?.

- Economic sanctions. All sanctions against him and his entourage are unpleasant to them, but in general, it is already clear that they have already put to bed the idea of living or working in the West. I think the economic sectoral sanctions are the most effective today.

- How strong would be the blow to the regime if Belarusian banks are cut off from SWIFT? Such a point is included in the European Parliament resolution.


- In fact, it would be a strong blow, stopping international trade for Lukashenka's regime.

- What can you advise to Belarusians, who have been struggling against the dictatorship in one form or another for 300 days?

- Not to get discouraged, to fight and necessarily win, because the future of their country depends solely on the Belarusians.