17 September 2021, Friday, 17:29
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Time To Stop The Country

Time To Stop The Country

Enough feeding the regime.

So, summer passed through the zenith, and in the heavenly office they remain undecided about what to do with us - to drown or fry, a subscriber for the “Basta!” Telegram channel shares his opinion with us.

But the creature sitting on a golden toilet and clutching the power in our country with blue fingers has long made an unambiguous decision for itself - to pour concrete, roll into asphalt, burn out with fire and, if necessary, drown in blood the slightest germs of free thought, disagreement and resistance of Belarusians!

On the eve of the first anniversary of our revolution, I would like to look at its results and assess the balance of power.

The most important result is that we saw that we are the people! Not the population, numbering 9.5 million people, but the people!

We have made sure that the regime is unwilling and unable to negotiate and does not understand any other language than force.

After a year of tough confrontation, the fascist junta found itself practically in a besieged fortress.

There, behind these well-guarded walls in the fortress, there are still some supplies of food and ammunition, but they are fading away every day.

The outer perimeter is increasingly being covered by international sanctions. There remains, however, one more trickle of moral and financial support from the eastern “brother” and a number of rat holes and passages through which the leaders of the junta still manage to receive black cash to feed their pack of jackals.

In addition, we ourselves, with our daily work, albeit not very productive, feed all this ragtag and bobtail!

Our task now is not to lose heart, not to lose bravery, to unite even more, to realize our strength and prepare for the decisive battle!

Foreign diasporas need to continue and intensify their actions to further seal the outer contour of the besieged fortress, and we, in turn, must bleed the junta from the inside.

To do this, you need to take all the savings from the banks, boycott all the tedious businesses, make the necessary supplies and stop the country for a month, go on vacation all together!

And then the jackals in the besieged fortress themselves will tear their Fuhrer into rags and begin to gnaw each other!

We have no options but an indefinite general strike!

Let's do it! We can!