19 September 2021, Sunday, 20:00
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Work Slowly!

Work Slowly!

This method of strike has already been successfully tested during World War II.

Why rush when you won't get paid more for doing your job in a short time anyway? Relax, chat with your co-workers, discuss the news, families. You don't have to fly ahead of the locomotive. And the time will pass in a pleasant way and there will be much more benefit. Imagine that the money flowing into the chasteners' bank depends on the speed of your work?

By the way, this method of the Italian strike was already tested in practice during World War II. At that time Poland and Czechoslovakia were occupied by the Germans. Local partisans were distributing various graffiti across the streets of cities. For example, a turtle or the phrase "Pole, Work Slowly." And it got results! The slowdown led to losses at some businesses of up to 30%.

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