25 October 2021, Monday, 23:04
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Siarhei Dyleuski And Belarusian Workers Called System's Bluff

Siarhei Dyleuski And Belarusian Workers Called System's Bluff

The junta is in a panic.

The leader of the Belarusian Union of Workers, Siarhei Dyleuski, has answered three main questions about the strike in Belarus.

- Are the Belarusian workers ready to strike?

- In fact, I was even a little shocked, because our expectations were met and even more than that. Workers have always supported us, we went on strike in the fall. That common huge backbone remained, new forces are being built up. The doubters have started discussing it in the smoking rooms, which is very important.

What struck most - I do not know how, in what ways, we are just flooded with a bunch of messages, tens of thousands of messages with suggestions, requests, how we can help, what we can do. My team just can't handle all this information right now.

As of today, we're restructuring our team to justify all the request, to answer everyone. If anyone hasn't heard from us, don't be offended. We'll get to everyone, we'll respond to everyone. We see you, we hear you.

- Who exactly is ready to go on strike?

- What's most interesting, I was a little shocked that we were hoping for workers, but I was in no way hoping that the so-called private unitary enterprises would reach us. I don't know how they got out to me. Just yesterday we had a conference where over 30 private unitary enterprises participated. That's a huge layer of the population, that's a huge stratum of both managers and workers. That makes me very happy.

You have to understand that these are the people who have the resource to come to take action. They have special equipment that can, for example, block roads. They have a financial resource that they are willing to share with striking workers. This is very important for our common cause.

- What do Belarusian workers need to do right now?

- It's very important that I'm not the only one who is talking. Retransmit, communicate, talk about the pre-strike situation, the upcoming strike. Communicate among yourselves, live communication is very important. You are already doing this. You are giving us feedback, you are sending us messages, you are writing to chatbots, emails.

Once again, we are processing this information, but it's very important that you communicate with each other. Be creative - that's the most important thing. The junta literally sh*t itself when you start getting creative. Remember the flags frozen on the lakes when they didn't know what to do with them. Five minutes of partisan work and then half a day of Emergencies Ministry chiseling ice with their axes. It's absolutely meaningless work, but it's actually beautiful.

Creativity is the best thing that the Belarusian people showed in 2020. Be creative, don't repeat yourself. It is very important that we are ready for the strike, that we all have a clear plan of action and then there will be no questions, no fears, worries, and concerns. The main thing is to be ready for it. And most importantly, without faith there is no victory. Believe that we all can do it. Long live Belarus!