22 May 2022, Sunday, 23:59
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Opinion: ‘Lukashenka Hunting Period’ Begins

Opinion: ‘Lukashenka Hunting Period’ Begins

Whoever runs first and brings the dictator down will receive a “gold bar”.

A sleepless night continues into a chaotic day. Over the past period, the regime has come up with nothing but a sluggish remark: “But ICAO has not found anything special”.

ICAO is still in the orbit of the UN, which includes Russia with veto power and a handful of totalitarian “friends” of Lukashenka. We would hardly see a continuation along this axis, writes the CYNIC Telegram channel.

With the United States, everything is quite clear. Terrorism intelligence agencies were involved in the investigation. But the “investigation” as such was impossible without the “rats” inside Lukashenka's system. Intelligence and counterintelligence is based not so much on “holes” in data security as on direct “contact persons”.

We are most likely waiting for the next stage of the search for “rats” and “agents”, as a result of which they will push all the innocent and uninvolved into the ditch with crocodiles.

Purges in the system always end unequivocally deplorably for the regime - only loyal servants without professional training and cunning shadow players with their own goals and plans remain in the ranks. In fact, the layer of professionals who can steer the situation out of a disastrous one is being destroyed.

Now activation via Interpol is possible. Bringing the defendants to justice will be quite problematic, however, under security guarantees, in the framework of cooperation with the investigation, any of the defendants or their assistants can reveal additional data on Pratasevich's flight.

Any person who is minimally connected to flight can now be completely safe if they start to leak the system piece by piece. Naturally, more than 4 people participated in the operation, and their testimony would be welcome.

Moreover, we are talking specifically about physical security, because the court made 4 defendants untouchable (although the regime has little logic, it can begin to remove them as witnesses, although this is not practiced - they remove everyone who was involved, but did not come into spotlight), but put all the rest in the risk group.

And everyone who somehow developed and implemented the operation are full-fledged witnesses, who can be used by the American side to continue the investigation. So they are left with a not so rich choice: either to hope that the system will not remove “their own people” [why would it suddenly be trusted?], or, under real guarantees of physical and legal immunity, transfer information to the States, remaining there forever, replacing appearance, passport, etc.

Now the States have literally put a gold bar on the table. Whoever runs first and tells all the details, he will receive “everything”. Yes, and this quartet may also receive some legal concessions.

This is generally a traditional model: if the leaders of a gang are caught, then the one who starts to leak its full list, with addresses, phone numbers, family compositions, will be the first to go free.

And now the threat of a grand leak can not be limited in any way.

The worst time for any system is the “witch hunt” period. And it has started.