29 November 2023, Wednesday, 22:36
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Empty Shelves And Black Market: What Awaits Belarus In Near Future

Empty Shelves And Black Market: What Awaits Belarus In Near Future

The Belarusian economy will be over.

Why can't we just "stop" inflation? Because it, at least, violates all the laws of economics. You can't help but follow at least sometimes, whether you want to or not. According to economists, Lukashenka’s ban on inflation is tantamount to an order “not to rise for the Sun,” writes the Liusterka Ulady Telegram channel.

More and more Belarus is becoming like North Korea. They are also practising the "freezing" of prices there. Well, perhaps that's all, it is simply impossible to find another state where it is possible to keep the same value for a product with orders. But that never stopped Lukashenka, did it? There are no examples - we will do it on our own!

Therefore, now we will do the work for those existing economic departments that were supposed to calculate all the risks from the economic moratorium, but for some reason they did not do their job. We are sharing a free forecast on what will happen next in Belarus:

1) Store shelves will be completely empty. Why? Just because it is completely unprofitable to fill them with goods at established market prices.

2) Long live the black market! Just like in the 80s, the concept of “speculators” will return to Belarus, who will trade in forbidden goods. But as is known from the experience of the USSR, prices will be two or even three times higher than the market ones.

3) Many previously successful enterprises in Belarus will close. Hundreds and thousands of citizens will be left without work, which means they will be forced to leave the republic. The working population will drop sharply. There will be no one to replenish the budget. The Belarusian economy will be over.

An unpleasant, but more realistic forecast compared to a childish order to prohibit inflation.

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