11 December 2023, Monday, 13:17
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Will Russia Make Disgrace Of Itself To The End?

Will Russia Make Disgrace Of Itself To The End?

The Russian army is suffering total defeat.

They say that the Russians will probably continue to attack with missiles this week. “Probably” is the perfect word. You don't need any intelligence, insiders, or even secret knowledge, which is owned by your cousin's godfather, whose sister works as a cook in the SBU. They shot — well, we said so. They didn’t shoot — well, didn’t say that they would definitely shoot either.

The question is whether Russia will be consistent in its strategy and whether it will make a disgrace of itself to the end. Whether it will admit that the strategy does not work and that some missiles still need to be saved for the future. For they shoot for a reason, not because they are hysterical. Because that's the way. So it was written.

Russia continues to fight according to the textbook. The problem is that this is a Russian textbook written by Russians and checked by Russians, and what is written there may not work. But people did their best. They wrote. This must be done.

What are they doing now? British intelligence unearthed and sorted all this out. Well, kind of. They found a textbook for junior and middle generals. James Bond did a good job.

The tutorial says that if something goes wrong, you need to apply SODCIT. This is the concept of a strategic operation to destroy critical targets. The purpose of the concept is “to create conditions for countering threats and preventing aggression, and in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, causing harm to the enemy (coalition), during which they would refuse to continue (escalate) on favorable terms for Russia”.

There is. Russia has acknowledged that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are escalating on the battlefield, to put it bluntly. ]That is, they are beating the Russian army. And the Russians cannot resist this. Therefore, they are trying to hit the infrastructure. To create psychological pressure. And to force the Ukrainian people to demand that the Ukrainian authorities stop escalating and stop in the liberation of Ukrainian territory.

Everything is according to a textbook.

Only the trouble is that this super cunning plan is so cunning that everyone understands it. And that this strategy never worked. Neither the Russians, nor the Americans, nor even Hitler could make it work. And it is so frank and daring that although it creates problems and infuriates, it leads to nervous breakdowns, but it is not effective, because it brings in a different desire in society. Ukrainian society even more than before demands from the Ukrainian authorities to accelerate the escalation, beat them more, and liberate Ukrainian territory.

So will they or won't they? Nobody knows, really. You just need to be prepared that they can do it. And if they don't, you can rejoice. And if they do, then keep the psychological system and give a finger to Putin and his strategy of terror. Because he doesn't even shoot at transformers. He shoots at our brains. That's the main target. Which was prescribed in the ingenious strategy of the ingenious strategists of the second-best army of the world.

Sergey Fursa, Facebook

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