8 August 2022, Monday, 7:35
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AFU's New Weapon 'Grinds Up' Russian Ammunition Depots

AFU's New Weapon 'Grinds Up' Russian Ammunition Depots

A "steel thresher" is on.

Having received HIMARS artillery rocket systems and other long-range weapons, Ukraine has changed its tactics of warfare, military expert Petr Chernik told Radio NV.

"I would call this tactic a very specific term - the Ukrainian steel threshing machine has fully worked. There is an inormous amount of their material, I mean warehouses with ammunition. Believe me, it's tens of thousands of tons in the measurement of the entire Russian Federation. <...> But Ukraine has got high-precision millstones that can grind these ammunition warehouses," Chernik notes.

Thus, according to the expert, Ukraine reduces the possibility of Russian fire influence, because "no shells - no heavy artillery strikes."

"This is the right strategy and tactics, because it is quite difficult and costly to hunt for individual divisions. Everything is movable; no one stands still. It doesn't matter what kind of artillery - trailer-type, wheeled, fully-tracked or truck-mounted: fire a salvo - move, fire a salvo - move. We do the same. There are means to [destroy] their ammunition at long distances," Chernik explained.

Four M142 HIMARS missile systems have arrived in Ukraine, and the U.S. promises to deliver four more in mid-July.