5 October 2022, Wednesday, 14:20
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Local Apocalypse In Belarusian Army

Local Apocalypse In Belarusian Army

The General Staff exhausted the troops with endless “exercises”.

Belarus once again extended its military exercises — at least until August 20. This is the thirteenth time, if I haven't missed anything. It's been twelve times already. For civilians, I explain — the extension of the exercises even once is a titanic work and an extraordinary situation.

Military exercises with the use of equipment, which last for more than several days, are not just running around with machine guns and digging trenches from here until lunch. This is a very complex and bureaucratic process. The military department requires order, plans and reports. As well as the Ministry of Finance. In any country where the state is stronger than in Somalia. That is, the General Staff draws up an exercise plan for, say, a week. Who, where, in what quantity and with what equipment should work. The Ministry of Defense is turning the military plan into a military-economic one.

Where will the fighters spend the night and in what quantity? How much stew and bread, cereals, field kitchens, diesel fuel, money, spare parts, ammunition and so on are needed. All this goes to the Ministry of Finance, and a difficult process of approvals begins. And not only with the Ministry of Finance. At the finish line, all exercises of such magnitude are approved at the level of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Adjustments are made along the way at all stages. There are mistakes and miscalculations. Finally, when the plan is approved at all levels, the exercises themselves begin. With launches, firing, using ammunition, burning diesel fuel and eating canned stew. Finish. They burned down the last liters, ate the last can, left the necessary minimum of ammunition in case of an unforeseen situation in the format “in an hour in a real battle”. Everything, the logistics are prepared for the delivery of units to their places of permanent deployment.

And now imagine what kind of chaos and rush begins when, instead of loading onto the trains, the military receives an order — we extend the exercises for a week. Quartermasters and suppliers tear their hair in the most unexpected places, personnel swear, traditionally (this is the army, son) they forget to bring food, solarium or ammunition somewhere. Technique breaks down during exercises with particular zeal. The set of spare parts is not endless. An emergency, a mess and difficult tests for the entire structure. From the Ministry of Finance and from other involved departments, obscenities and questions are also coming in quite the army language.

Now imagine that the exercises are extended TWELVE times in a row! Imagine the state of finance, supply, and the rosy picture in warehouses and logistics. The mood of the staff? These guys are going through a local Apocalypse. Any foreman will swear at you, and the company commander can punch you in the face for such questions. And all this just for the sake of “keeping the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their toes” and putting pressure on us psychologically? I'm sorry, I don't buy it. If the army goes for such a scenario, then the reasons are very serious. And this is not blackmail or threats ...

Kirylo Sazonov, site.ua