30 November 2023, Thursday, 16:57
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What Are Russian Agents Seeking In Poland?

What Are Russian Agents Seeking In Poland?

Among the detainees were agents of the Belarusian KGB.

Recently it became known that a large spy network was liquidated in Poland. Among the detainees were also KGB officers.

The Basta! Telegram channel talked with Anatol Kotau, a former employee of Lukashenka's administration and management of affairs, about the goals pursued by the Belarusian and Russian special services.

— In your opinion, how strong is the network of special services of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Poland, and how dangerous can it be?

— Definitely, there is a network of Russian agents operating in Poland, since for Russia Poland is one of the priority countries in the NATO bloc, as well as one of the closest neighbors. Therefore, they will obviously try to be active in this country. Moreover, strangely enough, these traditions began to take shape during the Warsaw Pact and remain to this day.

— What are the goals of the Russian and Belarusian special services, why do they work in Poland?

— According to the information that has been published now, Russia is interested in everything related to the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including movements and volumes of deliveries. It is obvious that the goals of Russian agents are currently fundamental. In addition, they are also interested in what is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border, what reforms are being carried out by the Polish armed forces, what purchases are being made and what is the readiness for defense.

— How will the incident with the liquidation of the Russian spy network affect the relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus with the West? Will there be an escalation?

— Actually, it doesn't matter. Such steps on the part of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus were absolutely expected in the context of a rather serious confrontation — the war continues in the region, and Poland is one of the leaders of the coalition providing assistance to Ukraine.

In the future, if there are no serious incidents, such as rocket attacks on Polish territory or terrorist attacks, then the likelihood of an escalation of the conflict will remain minimal. The conflict will remain at the same level.

— What measures will Poland and Western countries take to prevent such incidents and protect their information and data?

— This arrest indicates that the Polish services that ensure the security of the country are closely monitoring such possible hostile activity and taking appropriate measures. Judging by the fact that in Poland, one of the main logistics points for supplying Ukraine, there have not yet been such incidents as the explosion of trains with military equipment, for example, we can say that local intelligence services are working quite effectively.

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