1 December 2023, Friday, 17:00
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Attack From Belarus Or Total Fiasco: What Awaits Kremlin's Nuclear Plans

Attack From Belarus Or Total Fiasco: What Awaits Kremlin's Nuclear Plans

Expert opinions.

Putin announced that the Russian Federation would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The head of the Kremlin said that the work on the construction of storage facilities would be completed in our country by July 1.

Will the Kremlin be able to carry out its plans? Expert opinions are divided. The Charter97.org website analyzed the opinions of influencers on this topic.

Prominent American historian Yuri Felshtinsky believes that there will be a nuclear strike from Belarus against Lithuania and Poland no later than September this year.

“It is possible to threaten with nuclear weapons from Russia. Russia is quite consistently and repeatedly doing it again and again. Actually, it is not necessary to transfer weapons to Belarus in order to threaten the West or Europe with nuclear weapons. But it is necessary to transfer it in one single case - for a nuclear strike. I declare with all responsibility that no later than September of this year, nuclear strikes from Belarus will be launched against Lithuania and Poland if the West does not take preventive actions,” Mr Felshtinsky said.

“If there were any red lines that Putin should not have crossed, or the crossing of which means literally catastrophic consequences for Europe, then this red line has already been crossed by Putin,” the American historian believes.

Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan, in an interview with Charter97.org, expressed the opinion that if nuclear weapons appear on the territory of Belarus then the United States and allies will eliminate this threat:

“The Pentagon will operate on the basis of threats. It will destroy these nuclear explosives as soon as they appear in Belarus. They will conduct a liquidation operation within the framework of certain NATO conditions. The fact is that this will already be a direct nuclear threat to the Baltics and Poland. They will act under the fifth article of NATO, and they can do it without any announcements. They will do it and that's all. They may even destroy those who ‘are not there’”.

Some "good folk", following the example of Iran or Syria, where factories were blown up, will blow up these nuclear explosives, and destroy aircraft with nuclear weapons and Iskanders. There are many "good folk" wandering around the world today.

“When Lukashenka says that "all infrastructure" for nuclear weapons deployment is preserved, it must be alarming to the United States. After all, the launch pads that have not been destroyed are designed for launching intercontinental missiles.,” leader of the European Belarus Civil Campaign Andrei Sannikov told Charter97.org in an interview.

The answer to the nuclear threat, according to the Belarusian oppositionist, should be the deployment of peacekeepers into the country.

Belarusian political scientist Alexander Fridman expressed the opinion that Moscow's decision does not change anything for Western countries, but the situation is completely new for Lukashenka:

“The West had no doubt that Russian nuclear weapons would appear in Belarus sooner or later. If in Kyiv they hoped for Lukashenka's independence, albeit limited, then at the latest today these hopes can be put to rest. By agreeing to the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons, the ruler shows that in case of “necessity”, all other wishes of the Russian Federation will be fulfilled.”

“Lukashenka is just a puppet, that's it. He is trying to do something there, but Putin once again showed who is now the boss in Belarus with this statement,” Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Honcharenko told Charter97.org in an interview.

Director of the Eastern Partnership program of the EU and Russia at the Finnish Institute of International Relations Arkady Moshes believes that the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus is evidence of panic in Russia:

“The Kremlin realized that his threats to use nuclear weapons were beginning to resemble the well-known fairy tale about the boy who shouted “Wolves, wolves!” But in the fairy tale, the wolves finally came. They probably won't come here. This is an attempt to destabilize the situation in order to frighten those people in the West who tend to be afraid. However, I think that in terms of intimidating the West, this measure will not have much effect.”

The Nick and Mike Telegram channel drew attention to the fact that Lukashenka is becoming a problem for the entire free world:

“At the same time, we state the futility of any negotiations with the blue-fingered vassal. He obviously doesn't decide anything anymore. Engagement or exclusion strategies are obviously over. As well as the mantra-asks to withdraw the troops.

The dictator turned from a small thorn into a big abscess.”

Bohdan Yaremenko, a Ukrainian deputy from the ruling Servant of the People political party, said that the Kremlin would not be able to use nuclear weapons:

“The Kalinouski Regiment will liberate Belarus and Belarusian troops will go over to its side. Therefore, Russian nuclear weapons will not be used against anyone, there will be Belarusian land everywhere. Yes, and they won't be able to do it.”

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