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Польшча ў сакавіку спыніла ў 40 разоў больш нелегалаў, чым у студзені

Польшча ў сакавіку спыніла ў 40 разоў больш нелегалаў, чым у студзені

У Варшаве заявілі, што гэта арганізавана беларускімі службамі.

Polish Interior Minister Marcin Kierwiński spoke on Super Expres about an increase in border violations by migrants. According to the Polish Border Guard, the daily number of attempts to cross the border is about 200 or more in the spring.

"This artificial wave of migration organized by the Belarusian and Russian services is growing every time. We have more and more attempts to violate the Polish border and illegally break into Poland," said Marcin Kierwiński adding that “the Lukashenka regime will be using migrants as a tool against Poland for many years."

The Polish Interior Minister stressed that border guards have repeatedly shown that Belarusian services help illegal migrants cross the border.

The Minister confirmed that the Polish MIA is starting the process of strengthening the border fence, including the expansion of electronic surveillance. According to him, the Polish Border Guard has already prepared a project for that, which has passed the examination of scientific institutions. Now the Ministry is waiting for the final report. The modernization itself will take several months.

In March 2024, the number of stopped attempts of illegal entry from the Belarusian territory into the European Union compared to February increased by 9.2 times, compared to January — by 44 times, according to the analysis of the data of the border services of the neighbouring EU countries for March conducted by the Pozirk publication.

Last month, Poland stopped 3,438 attempts to illegally cross the border — 9.7 times more than in February (356), and 39.5 times more than in January. (87).

Latvia stopped 684 attempts in March — 9.1 times more than in February (75) and 136.8 times more than in January (5).

105 migrants from Belarus tried to enter Lithuania in March — 3.9 times more than in February (27), and 26.3 times more than in January (4).

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