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Lukashenka against customs union at Eurasian Economic Community level


The absence of the agreed positions can be an obstacle on the way to creating the customs union of full value at the EurAsEC (The Eurasian Economic Community) level, Valiantin Rybakou, aide to president of Belarus thinks.

“Belarus still considers there can’t be a common competitive environment in the context of prices inequality on primary commodities and energy resources”, - the aide to Belarusian state head declared to Interfax on Monday.

According to Rybakou, “we can’t allow that our work will come down to the creating of formal customs union which can be just a transit step to further development of the Eurasian Economic Community”. In this connection the signed in Dushanbe documents must become the guarantee that “we won’t beetle off, increase the differences in business climate and impose restrictions on the mutual trade”.

“The Belarusian side emanates from the necessity of forcing the process of customs union and common economic environment”, - V. Rybakou remarked. He reminded that the heads of states – EurAsEC members took the decision on formation of the customs union by 2006. “But only now we begin to approach the goal. Such slow progress sells short the image of the Eurasian Economic Community as a serious union of states aiming to the real integration of their economies”,- the aide to president of Belarus declared.

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