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Three Ways To Help Charter'97

Three Ways To Help Charter'97

We need support.

Despite forced emigration, blocking and limited resources, Charter'97 is the most popular independent website in Belarus. We remain on the front line of the fight against the Lukashenka and Putin propaganda.

Today, however, support for Belarusian media is critically reduced, and there are fewer and fewer foundations working with Belarus.

Our website could find advertisers in Belarus, but there is no free media market in our country, and we are forced to work from abroad.

That is why we need the help of our readers.

How can you support us? We offer three ways.

The first one is PayPal. You can choose a convenient amount and support us through this platform. PayPal allows you to transfer money from your card or wallet on this service.

The second way is Patreon. You can subscribe to Charter'97 by choosing the amount you want to support us with.

The system will offer you either to create an account by making up a password or to authorise via email or social networks. Then you make the transfer.

The first payment is debited on the day you subscribe. After that, the amount you choose will be withdrawn on a monthly basis. This is a completely safe and anonymous way of support.

The third is to transfer money to our account.


Bank name: Bank Millennium S.A.

Address: ul. Stanislawa Zaryna, 2A, 02-593, Warszawa.

IBAN: PL97116022020000000216711123


Name of account holder: Fundacja "KARTA '97"

Purpose of payment: Darowizna na cele statutowe

Your support is extremely important for us. Let's be together and Belarus will be free!

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