30 January 2023, Monday, 21:29
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Lukashenka going into bondage

Lukashenka going into bondage

Russia will give Belarus a governmental loan of USD 1.5 billion, President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared summarising the results of the session of the Supreme State Council of the “union state.” “For smooth transition of our bilateral cooperation to universal market principles, taking into consideration necessary for both countries fulfilment of signed before agreements and contracts, Russia has decided on giving Belarus a governmental credit of USD 1.5 billion,” president of Russia said.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said Russia will fulfil previous contracts in gas sphere, signed with Belarus.

“In spite of the fact that Russia itself will pay increased prices for gas, we will implement the previous contracts,” V. Putin declared on the press conference in Minsk.

“The gas prices will increase, but in accordance with previous contracts,” the Russian president emphasised.

V. Putin also said Russia understands the difficulties Belarusian economy will have in view of rise in price, “and will do its best to minimise the consequences for Belarusian economy.”

Lukashenka declared in his turn that Belarus will provide steady transit of petroleum from Russia to Europe. He expects Europe to make adequate steps in response to steady delivery of energy from Russian to the European market via Belarus.

“The European Union, rich Europe will feel quiet,” A. Lukashenka noted, adding that Belarus will provide steady transit of Russian energy to the European market.

“Belarus and Russia are making a huge contribution to economic, social and political stability of the European continent. In this connection we are expecting the adequate steps from Europe,” the Belarusian ruler said on the session of the Supreme State Council of Russia-Belarus “union.”

Comment of www.charter97.org: by estimate of experts, credit of USD 1.5 billion for Belarus is the same as USD 1 billion for Russia, in proportion to GDP of the two countries.

“In my view, private and parastatal Russian banks will join the process of crediting. As a result Minsk will found itself in double reliance – on gas and finance. Lukashenka will have crediting and debt nooses around his neck,” Yaraslau Ramanchuk, famous Belarusian economist thinks.

By the way, if judge by b-rolls, Lukashenka looks 30 years older after the so called successful negotiations with Putin...

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