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Belarusian bloggers were more amazed with vice premier Syamashka’s clothes than with al-Gaddafi dress (Photo)


Muammar al-Gaddafi, who is on his visit in Minsk now, and Belarusian vice premier Uladzimir Syamashka laid flowers to the Eternal Fire at Victory Square yesterday. Bloggers turned their attention to the clothes of the Belarusian official.

Pictures from this event, attended by al-Gaddafi and Syamashka, were taken by Yuliya Darashkevich (blog fotaczka.livejournal.com ), a pjotographer of “Nasha Niva” newspaper. Against expectations, bloggers didn’t discuss outre oriental dress of al-Gaddafi, but focused on oversized clothes of the Belarusian vice premier (see photos).

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