19 July 2024, Friday, 22:11
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Mass interrogation of Young Front members

It looks like a new criminal case against members of Polatsk branch of the Young Front is being prepared.

Policemen have interrogated a few persons already: Zmitser Sakalou, Dzyanis Khabirau, underage Katsyaryna Zhohal and Karen PLatonau concering their activities in the Young Front and cooperation with youth activists of other youth organisations.

“The Young Front” speaks out against new repressions, against new criminal cases under the Article 193.1 for activities on behalf of unregistered organisations in which more than 10 persons have been convicted over the last two years, and asks to attract attention of the society and foreign diplomats to repressive actions of thh regime in the conditions of the new wave of the so-called “liberalization” which started after the partial lifting of sanctions by the European countries,” the website of the Young Front informs.

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