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Andrei Sannikov: "Lukashenka's nervous breakdown caused by non-invitation to nuclear summit"

Andrei Sannikov: "Lukashenka's nervous breakdown caused by non-invitation to nuclear summit"

"It looks as if Lukashenka had nervous breakdown. He lives enthralled by illusions: as if he owns large quantities of weapons-grade uranium," the leader of "European Belarus" said.

"Lukashenka thinks that he was to attend the summit in Washington on an equal footing with nuclear states. The absense of invitation for Lukashenka to Washingtn was the exactly the reason for this breakdown. Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia where at the conference, but Lukashenka was not there. Namely Lukashenka, not Belarus. I know that this question had been seriously studied in Washington exactly because Belarus had made a great contribution to nuclear disarmament, but it was done by Stanislau Shushkevich, not Lukashenka. I asked my American friends whether it was possible to invite Lukashenka to this conference, but as the cnference was held at the level of leaders of states and governments, they politely explained that it is impossible, though Belarus' contribution to reinforcement of the regime of non-proliferation of nuclear arms made in early 1990ies, is remembered and valued by everyone," Andrei Sannikov said in an interview to charter97.org website. In early 1990ies Andrei Sannikov took part in the talks on nuclear disarmament as a member of Belarusian delegation.

According to the leader of "European Belarus", to invite Lukashenka who openly expresses regrets that Soviet nuclear weapons had been removed from the territory of Belarus, especially aagainst the background of his expellation of the US ambassador and reducing the number of US Embassy staffers to a humiliating quantity, "would be an obvious foolishness on the part of Americans". "I know that the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, as well as the Foreign Ministry of Russia, persistently tried to insist on Lukashenka's presence in Washington, but the US were self-consistent and principled," Sannikov noted.

The politician states that under Lukashenka Belarus does not participate andnwould notbe able to participate in serious international discussions. "Under Lukashenka Belarus would not be able to influence any world processes, especially what concerns strengthening of cooperation, security and international peace. Only after Lukashenka's withdrawal we would be able to take the appropriate place which belongs to us in international processes," Andrei Sannikov is convinced.

We remind that yesterday during the visit to Homel region Alyaksandr Lukashenka stated that Belarus has highly-enriched uranium.

"Honestrly: Belarus has kept highly enriched uranium, hundreds of kilograms of virtually weapon-grade uranium and lower grade uranium," the Belarusian dictator stated. As said by him, " With a knife to my throat they demand to give the uranium away. And as I do not agree, they haven't invited me to teh summit. This fact shows that neither the US or the West in general cannot be trusted," the ruler said.

The summit on nuclear security issues was held in Washington on April 12-13. Leaders of the rogue states and states which threaten international security, like Iran, North Korea and Belarus, were not invited to the summit.

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