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Newspaper “Silnye Novosti Gomelya” denied registration

The Ministry of Information denied the private unitary enterprise “Pechatnoe Slovo” to register the newspepr “Silnye Novosti Gomelya”.

An appropriate order (#43 of April 1, 2010) was signed by minister Aleh Pralyaskouski. He explains the decision with the fact that information about work experience of the editor was wrong, and his qualification doesn’t meet requirements of the guide “Positions of periodic press staff”, the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) reports.

The document says the applicants can appeal against the order.

Tatsyana Bublikava, a BAJ member and Homel journalist, was mentioned in the application as the newspaper editor.

Director of “Pechatnoe Slovo” Pyotr Kuznyatsou believes: “Denial of registration of a paper is prohibition to profession of a journalist. One cannot get a five-year work experience as an editor if he or she is forbidden to head a newspaper.”

The enterprise is trying to decide whether it should obey the demands of the Ministry of Information or it should appeal against the order.

We remind that political newspapers have been facing problems with registration since autumn 2009. The Ministry of Information amended its regulation on registration by adding new items, for example, on high education and leadership experience of an editor, etc.

According to the BAJ, at least eight newspapers, “Nash Dom” (Vitsebsk), “Mogilyovskoye Vremya” (Mahilou), “Soligorsk Plus” (Salihorsk, the Minsk region), “Novaya Gazeta Bobruiska” (Babruisk, the Mahilou region), “Maryinagorskaya” (Maryina Horka, the Minsk region), “Prefekt Plus” (Hlubokae, the Vitsebsk region), “Khimik. Dva Goroda” (Navapolatsk), and a newspaper, which founders don’t want to be mentioned in the press, have been denied registration (or returned documents for registration).

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