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Mobile operators rat out all demonstrators


All people who visited the post-election demonstration are known to the police by tracing their mobile phone location. They call on these numbers now and invite people to come for a conversation.

- This is in connection with the initiated criminal case. We need to find out who took active part in the mass riot and who was there by accident. If you receive a call from a police department, don’t be afraid. It doesn’t mean you will be brought to responsibility,” “KP” newspaper learnt from chief of the Frunzenski district police department, Aleh Haidukevich. “All persons who took part in unauthorized mass riot have already been identified or will be identified in the course of investigation.

- What status does a person invited to a conversation have?

- No status. You are called for a conversation to figure out how you were involved in the events. No reports are drawn, a person just gives his or her explanations. But one may receive a summons to appear as a witness if needed.

- Can one decline such a conversation?

- I would not advice to do so. Law abiding citizens do not refuse because they have nothing to be afraid of. You don’t need a lawyer. If it is find out that one has relation to the criminal case, then a lawyer will be needed.


“You can take a lawyer for a conversation!”

- One can decline such a conversation. You can insist that a summons should be sent to you. The summons should contain the following information: your status, in connection with what case you are summoned, a name, surname and job position of an office who summons you. The summons should explain the rights of a witness and his responsibility for failure to appear. Then a person can take a decision how to proceed, - Harry Pahanyaila, a lawyer and human rights activist, said. – It’s worth noting that all persons, regardless they are called for a questioning or a conversation, have the right to legal assistance. They can go to a police department with a lawyer or a legal representative.

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