21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:52

Ukrainians put Lukashenka next to Hitler and Stalin (Photo)


At the protests in Kiev a banner appeared again where the Ukraine’s president is compared to Lukashenka, Hitler and Stalin.

The actions are organized by the opposition parties Homeland, STRIKE and Freedom. The oppositionists claim that they were robbed of votes as according to the party lists as well as in the majoritarian constituencies, Euroradio reports referring to the Ukrainian web-site comments.ua.

The leaders of the three parties already claimed that they do not rule out rejecting to participate in the work of the Supreme Council. If there remain less than 300 out of 450 members in the Ukrainian parliament, then such a parliament will no longer be able to keep working according to the legislation. The oppositionists hope for a new election in this case.

Under the pressure of the opposition parties the Central Electoral Commission has already stated that it is going to announce reelection in five majoritarian constituencies.