16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:27

Lukashenka ordered to drive the administration of the Bellegprom out by the evening  


The dictator dismissed the chairman of the Bellegprom concern and his deputy.

Lukashenka put the chief engineer Viktar Gaurylenka in charge of the Kamvol enterprise having ordered to make a suggestion of a person for the new head of the concern before the New Year.

“The head of the concern and his deputy must be driven out by the evening. By the New Year the suggestions for a new chairman of the concern must be introduced”, - Lukashenka stated when visiting the Kamvol public company on Monday, Interfax reports.

The Belarusian ruler also threatened the government with dismissal, having warned the Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich and his first deputy minister Uladzimir Siamashka for the last time.

“We lived without the IMF before and will live. Keep calm; there is no need to worry that we would collapse. We will not despite some people wanting that”, - Lukashenka said to the journalists.

The ruler has noted that “the IMF is a political organization”. “That is why they (the IMF - Interfax) tell us what to do, give advice. We listen to something, there is some part of fair critique, there are normal suggestions – we use them. But we will live in line with our own brain and will do everything on our own”, - Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka also commented on the IMF’s suggestions about the necessity of the structural reforms in the Belarusian economy. “These would have been structural reforms, but in the interests of those whom the IMF belongs to. It would have been better for them if we had sold out these enterprises. It is not important to whom, may be even to the citizens of Belarus. They will buy it from our citizens (the shares) for a bottle of alcohol or for something else”, - he noted.