19 January 2018, Friday, 12:16

Palazhanka: Dashkevich's second year in prison was most difficult


The fiancée of the political prisoner says she felt emptiness and rethought a lot.

”I was serving a suspending sentence during Dashkevich's first year in prison, but it wasn't very important for me and didn't restrict me a lot. Of course, it was difficult and hard. The first desire was to help Zmitser and the people in prisons. I know from my own experience what prison is and how you feel when your friend is behind bars. I did my best to be useful for Zmitser and other people in prison,” Anastasia Palazhanka, the fiancée of the Young Front leaders, told charter97.org website.

The second year in prison was more difficult for Zmitser than the first one, the deputy head of Young Front says:

“Time passes quickly during the first year with trials and interrogations. The second year was  more difficult. At the beginning, you act mechanically and understand you must do it and demonstrate something to someone. During the second year, you rethink many things and feel emptiness. It is a sort of reboot. The year 2012 was more difficult for me than 2011.”

We are proud of Zmitser Dashkevich, Anastasia Palazhanka says:

“A lawyer visits Zmitser to support him, cheer him up and say everyone loves and waits for him. He needs to understand that everything he did – disobeying prison officers and risking – was the right thing to preserve his honour and dignity. I want the lawyer to say to him we are proud of him and wait for him. Zmitser should understand everything he did was right.”