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How To Stop Putin And Lukashenka's Nuclear Fantasies

How To Stop Putin And Lukashenka's Nuclear Fantasies

The World must force Russia to close Pandora's box.

Russian dictator Putin continues nuclear blackmail. Joint exercises in Belarus and the arrangement of places for storing nuclear weapons are elements of this program.

Should there be an answer? Yeah. But the reaction should be clear to the Russian dictator. The signals should be of a kind that Putin understands. The dominant reaction that Putin only frightens and blackmails is a weak position. And not something that can stop him. Because this is a passive position that relies only on the “ratio” or “common sense” of the Russian dictator.

Active response to nuclear threats

History should teach us to take any manifestations of threats seriously. What can we say about the threat of striking the country with tactical nuclear weapons. Putin understands that the world will not physically turn upside down after that. His army has already used unconventional weapons and their components on the left bank of the Kherson region and burned Bakhmut, Maryinka, Avdiivka in the east.

Therefore, the reaction of other countries should not leave the dictator the right to choose, depending on the situation. The first thing a Russian dictator should know is that an attempt to use any nuclear weapon is not a matter of Russia's war with Ukraine. This is not a question of bilateral relations, or their absence. Putin must understand that this is a blow to the world order and a threat to different countries. And those who support him so far. After all, Ukraine is now under obvious threats — a state that has agreed, including under the influence of Western countries, to transfer its nuclear deterrence means to Russia. Therefore, we are witnessing that Putin's Russia is threatening a country that has disarmed — in the hope that any weapon will never be used against it. Especially nuclear. And that the countries that supported and stimulated this process, in particular the United States, the United Kingdom, and, to a large extent, France and China, will not stand aside from such threats and will begin to do everything possible to stop Putin's nuclear arguments. Therefore, statements that the Russian dictator is bluffing are clearly not enough.

The world must force Russia to close the Pandora's box it is trying to open

I hope that behind the scenes, the politicians and diplomats of these countries are actively working to neutralize the obvious threats to Ukraine with nuclear weapons. And this is in the interests of the entire world order, no matter how it is seen in Washington, London, Paris or Beijing. After all, nuclear threats to Ukraine open a real Pandora's box and make any efforts to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons on the planet impossible.

It is simply impossible to restrain the desire and development of technologies and the efforts of intelligence agencies to master nuclear technologies in conditions when the situation is out of control. The nuclear club of countries — covertly and explicitly, will grow exponentially. It is worth considering how many countries are already ready to become members of this club. And how many countries will invest their efforts and resources to get this deterrent, realizing that in today's world there are no more forces, no more alliances, no more agreements, no more goodwill to provide them with the necessary level of security! And that in such an uncontrolled world, you need to rely solely on your own means and capabilities, whatever they may be. The example of a disarmed Ukraine, where the tandem of the Russian and Belarusian dictators is threatened with nuclear weapons, will always stand before the eyes of those who make difficult political decisions.

The Russians are setting an example of nuclear escalation with the involvement of dictators under their control, peoples and territories. This is a double danger to the world

In addition, there is another dimension to this threat, with which Putin is trying to take hostage not only Ukraine, but also the rest of the civilized world. This is a combination played by Putin and Lukashenka with the alleged deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory actually occupied by Russia — Belarus. Putin is used to such combinations, which he uses to cover up his own war crimes. Remember the occupation of Crimea? Then the Russian political animal in the Kremlin convinced the world that this was not the aggression of the Russian Federation. And Moscow's propaganda spread misinformation about some "little green men" and "Crimean self-defense". In the KGB, such combinations on the formal denial of responsibility, I think, are spelled out in special textbooks. And this is no different from involving the Belarusian dictator and the territory of Russia-controlled Belarus in this nuclear game. A game in which neither the Belarusian army nor the dictator Lukashenka have any subjectivity and do not influence anything. The function of Lukashenka in this combination is only to come to Putin's parade and make statements allegedly on behalf of Belarus. Which geopolitically simply does not exist anymore. Now think about what would happen if the Russian technology of proliferation of nuclear weapons to controlled territories was used somewhere in the world? For example, in Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, territories that are disputed between different countries of the world? How many Caribbean crises will have to be overcome after that? And which ones can get out of control? What is happening now is not because we think about it and outline real risks. It's because Putin, who lost his blitzkrieg against Ukraine and drove Russia into a long, exhausting war, quite specifically threatens Ukraine with nuclear weapons. You have to become like ostriches in order not to notice these threats. If we are not ostriches and plan to protect civilization, we need very specific statements and actions. Such that they are really heard in Moscow. Like those that both the United States and Britain unofficially did at one time.

It is important to make such clarifications, combining them with active actions. For example, taking into consideration the proposals of the Polish side on the possibility of deploying tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Poland. Let me remind you that this initiative was voiced by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

Russia should know that the use of nuclear weapons is not a matter of Russia's war against Ukraine. This is a matter of global security. Putin must be aware of the consequences. We also need the reaction of Beijing, which turns a blind eye to the Russian war against Ukraine. But it is unlikely that it will turn a blind eye to what will threaten China's security — the spread of nuclear weapons around the world, including on the Asian continent, as a reaction to the Pandora's box opened by the Russians, we have already said above. And one more question that is important in this regard. On the personal responsibility of the Russian and Belarusian dictators for nuclear escalation. What this responsibility will be, how it will be realised and in what form — let it remain outside the diplomatic protocols. Just let them remember that.

Dmytro Tuzov, New Voice

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