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Unofficial Ban: What's Happening On Polish-Belarusian Border

Unofficial Ban: What's Happening On Polish-Belarusian Border

Belarusian trucks are carefully inspected.

Belarusian customs stated that Poland today closed the border to the entry of Belarusian trucks. Only one border crossing for passenger transport (Brest - Terespol) and one for freight vehicles (Kukuryki - Kazlovichy) and freight railway crossing was on the border of Poland and Belarus until today.

Poland refutes the statement of the Belarusian side that the border is closed, but makes it clear that it has introduced an unofficial ban – it has significantly reduced the passage of trucks from Belarus.

This was stated at a press conference on July 10 by the official representative of the Lublin branch of the tax office, Michał Derus, writes RMF24.

Derus explained that the Polish side is monitoring goods in connection with the entry into force of new EU sanctions.

“The Customs and Fiscal Service checks transported goods for compliance with current Polish and European standards, which affects the number of trucks processed at the Kukuryki-Kazlovichy cargo border crossing with a terminal in Koroszczyn and at the passenger border crossing in Terespol,” Derus said.

At the time of writing the article, the website of the border committee indicated that 600 trucks were waiting to leave Belarus for Poland at the Kukuryki-Kazlovichy checkpoint.

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