18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:29

Dzmitry Dashkevich got married in prison


A political prisoner Dzmitry Dashkevich and Anastasiya Palazhanka got married on 26 December.

The marriage allowed for a meeting – first in two years. According to the conditions of the Grodno high security prison, a meeting is two hours through the glass, and not right away after the marriage. But Anastasiya Palazhanka who since today has become, Anastasiya Dashkevich, considers these events a God’s Christmas miracles and her and Dzmitry’s great victory, Euroradio reports.

“Before that we tried several times to apply and get registered. But we could not – either Dzmitry was transferred, or it got cancelled or they found other reasons”, - Anastasiya Dashkevich.

For more than a year a formality stood in the way – the political prisoner did not have his passport returned after the trial.

“When they showed me Dashkevich’s personal belongings, there were his knapsack and passport. But no one was going to send it to Dashevich to the colony, because they perfectly understood that this would allow us to register. Together with the lawyer we have been appealing to different institutions for more than half a year asking to return the passport. Finally the Prosecutor General’s office responded that they failed to “identify of confirm the passport’s exact location”. With that paper we addressed the colony asking to restore the prisoner’s passport”, -she says.

When the passport was restored, there were long delays, disruptions and postponements, until finally Anastasiya heard the date in the registry office – 19 December.  

“I consider a God’s miracle what happened. Because initially the marriage should have happened in 19 December. I applied and they told me that the date was 19 December. At first I strained, because it was in a week, I had a cold, and the main thing is that 19 December is one of the most tragic days in our lives. But the situation resolved without me – they called me from Grodno’s registry office and told that nothing will happen on 19th, since they had a registry office’s day. And our registration was transferred to 26 December”.