24 January 2020, Friday, 2:12
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Dissidents abroad ridicule Lukashenko using Web (Photo)


The Washington Times has published caricatures - pictures from the satirical cartoons about the Belarusian dictator.

ARU TV and Belsat TV are media outlets created and operated by Belarusian dissidents abroad to confront the state-controlled media, promote free speech and challenge the Lukashenko regime's oppressive hold over the country.

Alexander Lukashenko is inflated like a balloon by Russian gas. The film highlights Lukashenko's dependence on cheap gas from Russia.

Alexander Lukashenko has made a lot of money, while the country has not benefited.

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schršder (left) and Russian president Vladimir Putin (right) make gas deals. Alexander Lukashenko (center) smiles in the background.