20 January 2018, Saturday, 8:07

Prakapovich's “achievements”: 200 people to be laid off in Nesvizh


More than 200 people will be laid off at plants in Nesvizh due to the “modernisation”.

Charter97.org received this information from a source.

“I'd like you to turn your attention to Nesvizh and Nesvizh district. The matter is that more than 200 people will lost work in this small town due to layoffs at such enterprises as the Nesvizh milk factory, the Nesvizh subsidiary of Krinitsa factory and the flax factory in Haradzeya. Maybe 200 people is the small number at the republican level, but it is a catastrophe for a small town, because there are no well-paid jobs in Nesvizh and the district. There are no jobs at all. The average salary in the district is 3 million rubles. The employment and social protection service doesn't work. People cannot find jobs due to absence of vacancies.” the source noted.

Our correspondent couldn't reach representatives of the milk factory on the phone, but the subsidiary of Krinitsa brewery confirmed the information.

“Yes, we plan layoffs at the plant,” an officer of the personnel department said.

We remind that Piotr Prakapovich, a deputy prime minister of Belarus, said in Zhlobin on December 6 the “modernisation” would lead to mass layoffs.

“An active process of industrial modernisation is under way in the country. It will lead to the displacement of a part of workers,” he said.

Photo: bymedia.net