20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:12

Belarusian delegation secretly visits Iran


Belarus participates in the hi-tech exhibition in Tehran.

According to Iranian Press TV, the exhibition opened on February 25 and ends this evening. More than 70 companies from three countries – Belarus, Russia and Ukraine – take part in the event. The expo presents state-of-the-art achievements and technologies, innovative approaches and methods in various high-tech industries including biotechnology, energy and electronics, nanotechnology, new materials, engineering, ship building and information technologies.

Political observer Raman Yakauleuski notes that Belarus has achievements in the high-tech industry interesting for the Iranian regime. He said to charter97.org:

“We should remember that Ahmadinejad is a physicist with an academic degree. It's most likely that he personally can appraise Belarus's  achievements in the spheres represented at the exhibition. It's not a secret that our country has preserved a significant potential of the Soviet heritage. Some specialists assure that our capabilities even rose during the years of independence. The curernt prime minister and former head of the National Academy of Science Mikhail Myasnikovich must know it.”

The expert draws attention to the fact that the official media do not report about the visit. The composition of the delegation is unknown.

“The official media of Belarus say nothing about Belarus's participation in the international forum. The composition of the Belarusian delegation to Tehran is unknown, though the Belarusian regime usually doesn't miss a chance to show itself in the world in the current conditions of self-isolation. This 'modesty' of the MFA, which, as a rule, covers all international events with participation of Belarusian official delegations, looks strange and even suspicious for all people who monitor the situation of Iran,” Raman Yakauleuski noted.  

The experts says referring to own sources that the Belarusian delegation may have wider goals that go beyond the exhibition.

“Reasons for this 'modesty' of official Minsk can become clear when the composition of the Belarusian delegation to Tehran is announced. There is information, that the delegation can include the persons, who are instructed to have informal direct talks on a wider range of topics. Some Moscow and other sources recommended to draw attention to it,” Raman Yakauleuski said.