19 January 2018, Friday, 22:22

Syrians demand to expand sanctions against Lukashenka


The Belarusian dictator helps Assad to kill Syrian people.

Syrians in the UK, a human rights group, welcomes the decision of the United States on imposing sanctions on two Belarusian economic entities that sold weapons to Syria and Iran, but thinks these measures are not enough, The Sacramento Bee reports with a link to the human rights group.

The organisation sent a letter to the US Senate calling to increase pressure on the Belarusian regime.

“Belarusian companies TM Services and KBR Radar are some of the most active arms dealers and producers in the country. They produced and shipped weapons to Iran and Syria, and therefore the fact that they are put on the sanctions list is of great importance. However, we kindly ask you to consider further expanding sanctions against Belarus, and to include all companies that are state-owned or support the Lukashenka regime," the letter states.

The human rights group informs that Belarus is used by Damask and Tehran to bypass sanctions and buy goods, including weapons. The letter calls on the US Senate to stop cooperation with Lukashenka until he helps the Iranian and Syrian dictators.

“Belarus is Syria's window to weapons and money. We believe that the US must not only ban companies that sell weapons, but ban trading with the whole country. This way we can almost ensure that Basar Al-Assad will not receive support from Belarus. We hope the US will include other companies in the sanctions, especially those that are controlled by the government,”  We sent the letter to the U.S. Senate and members of the British Parliament,” Boulos Kuzbari, Syrians in the UK co-founder, says.

It should be reminded that the US Department of State reported some days ago that new sanctions were imposed on Belarusian companies TM Services and KB Radar and their subsidiaries.