17 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:52

Marek Butko: The dictatorship can only count on derelicts

“Lukashenka is trying all ways to get to the West.”

Marek Butko, vice chairperson of the Polish Fund Freedom and Democracy, former first secretary of the Embassy of Poland in Minsk Marek Butko shared his opinion of the agreement between the pro-lukashenka Belaya Rus and the Polish party Self-Defence to charter97.org

“The popularity charts of the Self-Defence don’t rise above one percent, the party is not likely to get to the Parliament after the next elections. Such agreements have no impact on the Polish politics. It is Lukashenka who needs them. Firstly, he is trying all ways to get to the West, but Self-Defence will hardly help him in this endeavor. Secondly, and it is more probable, he needs this fact for his own propaganda in Belarus. He can present the agreement as a huge diplomatic break-through that demonstrates a high level of cooperation with Polish politicians. But in reality nothing of this is true,” the politician said.

Marek Butko reminded that the Belarusian leader and the Polish radical party have worked together before.

”We all remember the support that former leader of Self-Defence Andrzej Lepper showed to the Belarusian leader. He used to come to Belarus and then make statements in the Polish media supporting the dictator. Poland’s reaction was very negative,” he said.

Marek Butko is convinced that even if the dictator succeeds in finding allies in the West, it will be derelicts who are trying to get publicity through scandals.

“Today, the Self-Defence is the only group he can count on. In any country, there are derelict movements and organizations. But none of major Polish or European parties will ever do something like that. The Self-Defence needs such agreements only for brief publicity. Of course, I admit that there can be other reasons that we don’t know of,” the Polish politician said.

We remind that today in Minsk Lech Kuropatwinski from the Polish radical party Self-Defence and Aliaksandar Radzkou from the pro-lukashenka Belaya Rus signed a cooperation agreement.