24 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:47

Andrei Haidukou forbidden to see his mother


Volha, the mother of Andrei Haidukou, who is being accused of a state treason, reported that she can only keep communicating with her son by the means of letters.

“The story around my son remains strange and incomprehensible to us. I was not allowed a meeting with him, there were no calls from him. There is only an opportunity to write letters”, - Volha Haidukova said on 7 February at a round table meeting in Minsk, BelaPAN reports.

The 23-year old deputy chairman of the Union of Young Intellectuals Andrei Haidukou was detained by KGB agents in Vitebsk on 8 November when allegedly “putting information for foreign security services in a hiding place”. According to the article 356 of the Criminal Code (state treason by the means of agent’s activities) he faces from 7 to 15 years in prison.

On 11 November Haidukou was transferred from Vitebsk to the KGB jail in Minsk, on 29 November – back to the regional capital and on 22 December – to Minsk again. According to the relatives, he was first kept at the jail in Valadarskaha street and on 27 December he was taken to the KGB jail.

“We cannot still understand, what is really going on with our son. Yes, we knew that he had oppositional views, that the authorities did not like his activities. But what a connection with the CIA has to do with that? Andrei always told that he was not doing anything illegal. The course event for him was like a bolt from the blue. It can be seen from his letters”, - Volha Haidukova told.

She also noted that her son asks not to worry about him in his letters.