25 March 2019, Monday, 3:23
A Challenge for Everyone

Minsk police determined to learn English


Officers of the Minsk City Police Department will study English eight hours a week as part of the preparations for the world ice hockey championship that will take place in the city in 2014.

BelTA learned it from Yevgeny Sachik, an officer of the press service of the Minsk City Police Department.

According to Yevgeny Sachik, they have selected 500 officers with basic English mastery. They are now being tested to determine their knowledge of the language more precisely in order to be put into training groups of varying language mastery later.

Each group will include at most 15 people and will study for four hours twice a week. The training course will be offered in the Minsk City Education Development Institute where the professors to teach Minsk police will be selected.

A phrase book containing phrases in the most popular languages will be prepared closer to the championship to help police personnel during the 2014 world ice hockey championship.