20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:11

Vaclau Areshka: We should come to realize value of Belarusian nation


Methods to defend independence of the country are simple.

It has been stated in an interview to charter97.org website by a Belarusian culture expert and member of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Ruch party Vaclau Areshka. In this way he has commented on the fact of signing the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

- What does conclusion of the treaty on EAEU mean for Belarus?

- Frankly speaking, it is a sad spectacle for me. It means even further involvement in the so-called “Russian world”, into Russian sphere of influence. It divides us from the normal world more and more, and it is a step backwards for Belarus.

- What are the near-term prospects for our country?

- We are facing a freefall of the economy. We should not expect anything good. It is more likely that certain social tensions are to rise because of that, which offers some hope for changes. But for today it is very important for those who view Belarus as a part of Europe to distance ourselves from this Russian influence as much as possible, and not in economy and in politics only, but in terms of culture and in our consciousness.

- How will Lukashenka act towards Ukraine?

- Lukashenka is going to continue manoeuvring, trying to preserve his own independence, to stay the local “princelet”, to have an opportunity to act separately from Putin.

- How can we defend independence of our country?

- We should do that by all means. And the methods to defend independence are really very simple: joint organized actions, including actions of opposition, shaping one’s national identity by Belarusians. And those who realize that, should unite according to this characteristic. We should understand clearly who we are and how we feel.

- Can Belarus leave the EAEU?

- I hope yes.

- When will it happen?

- It is to happen during our lifetime, at least during my lifetime. Russia is not becoming more stable, and it seems to me that in the next 10-15 years the situation in Russia and its relations with its neighbours are to deteriorate considerably. It gives us certain chances. Besides, I hope that the free world is to change its paradigm in relations to Russia completely. Events in Ukraine have taught both Europe and the US some things. The world is to become different soon and these changes are giving us hope.