16 December 2018, Sunday, 0:48
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Lukashenka’s childhood friend informed on Arkhipau?


The mild sentence to Kanaplyou could be related to the fact that he had lodged information against the former deputy prosecutor general.

This idea was expressed in an interview to charter97.org website by the leader of “Legal Assistance to the Population”, a former prosecutor office’s investigator Aleh Vouchak.

- While the former deputy Prosecutor General Alyaksandr Arkhipau has been sentenced to 6 years of colony, the former chairman of the “chamber of representatives” Uladzimir Kanaplyou has been fined. What is the reason for such a long term for Arkhipau and such a lenient sentence to Lukashenka’s “childhood friend”?

- As a former investigator I should note that Kanaplyou has been brought to justice for a very rare violation, “failure to report a crime”, which does not involve a harsh punishment.

- In such a case, why he has been hold criminally liable at all?

- Most likely, he has given the necessary testimony to investigation and simply grassed up Arkhipau, who had committed a really serious crime. Back in the end of November 2013 the KGB (State Security Committee) arrested Kanaplyou for three days, and he had not confirmed that. He was probably detained in the framework of the case of the former deputy Prosecutor General, and he had only one way out, to give the evidence they needed. That’s why he was involved in the case and that’s why the sentence is so mild.

- But Kanaplyou was “the childhood’s friend” of the dictator, as he said…

- It does not matter was he or not, in order to gain a point in the run-up to the “election” Lukashenka was to react, despite the rank. It is a sign from Lukashenka to other prosecutors and officials, for them to have fear too.

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