20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:10

Sole traders to face new “surprises” from government


The concept of a special importer is not the last scandalous initiative of the government.

On June 30 in Hotel Belarus in Minsk a forum of sole traders is to take place. It is planned to discuss conditions of work after July 1. The organizer of the forum is the Republican Public Association of Businessmen “Perspektiva”, “Belorusskiye novosti” informs.

We remind that according to the Decree#222 since July 1 individual entrepreneurs must have certificates and accompanying documents for all goods imported to Belarus. What is meant there is special primary accounting documents issued at the territory of another country, mandatory requisites of cashier's checks confirming the payment, and also invoices. Many times “Perspektiva” stated that Decree #222 is not viable, as it is impossible to conform to the requirements to have certificates from the point of view of retail trade.

“We are convinced that the Decree and other documents are sure to be amended. The question is, what the price would be for sole traders and what the price would be for the state,” the comment of “Perspektiva” stresses. The organisers of the forum hope to be heard by the government and underline that the objective of the upcoming event is to seek for solvation of problems of sole traders through a meaningful dialogue with the government.

At the forum it is also planned to discuss the draft law on introduction of an institution of a special importer for a number of imported goods. According to this document, for half a year the state receives an exclusive right for importing a whole list of goods, including TV, radio, video equipment and household appliances. The authors of the decree explain its adoption by a necessity to protect economic interests of the state.

In his turn the chairman of “Perspektiva” Anatoly Shumchanka states: these novelties which are being prepared are to deliver a blow on sole traders again. For them imports could be banned or restricted.

“Among the goals of adopting the decree there are two goals which have been formulated: “to meet the needs for a wide range of imported goods at the home market of Belarus” and “to defend economic interests of the state.” In the current economic situation these goals are in fact incompatible. That is why there is no doubts that the authors of the document are cunning insincere, and the real aim of the document is in fact to reduce to zero imports of goods, when analogues goods are manufactured in Belarus. if this decree signed into the law, sole traders are to be forced to supplement their ranges of goods by Belarusian goods, completely or partially,” Shumchanka noted.

According to the leader of “Perspektiva”, “these are not the last surprises of the government”: “The situation in the economy, as far as lessening the stock at warehouses is concerned, is difficult, so the whole range of protection measures is to be used in order to defend the home market from foreign trade expansion. In the conditions of forced trade in Belarusian goods I do not think that the state would be concerned how sole traders are going to sell goods and pay rent and taxes.”

The leader of sole traders union attracts attention to the fact that the chief advisor of the president on the issues of individual entrepreneurs is Vice Prime Minister Pyotr Prakapovich, and “everything that is adopted in the area of small business are his initiatives.” “The state still does not want to hear the stance and embrace the view of small business yet. That is why we need to be heard,” Shumchanka stressed.

Photo: s13.ru