17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:13

Myasnikovich promises Russia to sell everything on time


The government is not going to put off sale of key enterprises any more.

All deadlines in major integration industrial projects of Belarus and Russia are to be met. It has been stated by Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich today at a meeting with deputy chairman of the Russian government Arkadiy Dvorkovich, BelTA reports.

“I know that discussion on the further steps in our main integration projects has taken place today (during the meeting with Lukashenka). In our turn our government is going to do everything to meet the deadlines,” Prime Minister said, underlining that Belarus is making every effort to fulfill all its obligations.

This refers to 5 “integration projects” – mergers of Belarusian enterprises with Russian ones, or becoming part of Russian ones: creating Rosbelavto holding set up under the auspices of MAZ and KamAZ; integration of Belarusian Integral and Minsk wheel-tyre tractors plant with structures of the state corporation “Rostekh”; “Peleng” with “Roskosmos”, as well as “Grodno Azot” with “Euvokhim” or “Gazprom”. Talks between Minsk and Moscow about that have been carried out for several years, however in 2014 Russia started to insist on speedy sale of Belarusian enterprises.

Beside the questions concerning implementation of the key “integration projects”, a number of other topical issues were discussed today. In particular, the decree of the Russian government signed the day before was mentioned. It bans government procurement of cars and equipment made abroad. As stated by Arkadiy Dvorkovich, in this document Russia tried to take in account interests of its allies in the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. Thus, Belarusian enterprises would be able to supply equipment for state and municipal needs without restrictions, noted the chairman of the government of Russia.