20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:03

Activist from Mahilou taken to police station at night, his car searched

Newspapers were seized from Ihar Barysau, a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada. The activist may be fined up to 50 penalty units.

The traffic police stopped Ihar Barysau's car near a village close to Mahilou on the night of July 16. The car was carrying newspapers. Traffic officers said the police were looking for his car, which was allegedly involved in a minor offence in Bialynichy. The car was taken to a police department in Mahilou. Ihar Barysau was questioned, the newspapers were seized, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to Ihar Barysau, the party bulletin “Social Democrat” and copies of Nash Mahilou newspaper were seized. The activist doesn't say how many copies were taken by the police.

Barysau explains the incident with the upcoming presidential election. He says the police tighten control over opposition activists:

“They didn't pay much attention to activists in the period between presidential campaigns,” he says. “But they have begun to watch us closely. I do not rule out they tap our phones.”