21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:58

One of sole traders’ strike’s leaders in hospital under police supervision


An individual entrepreneur Mikalai Charnavus (Nikolai Chernous) was detained in Baranavichy on July 2.

The detention took place after the visit to the city executive committee and a meeting with a journalist of the regional newspaper. He was taken to the city police department, where the chief of the protection of public order and prevention of crime, police major Alyaksei Hetmam started to draw up an administrative report for staging “an unsanctioned event” of individual entrepreneurs on July 1 at the cooperative city market and in the assembly hall of the city executive committee, Viasna human rights centre reports.

This process dragged on for almost 5 hours. While the report was drawn up, Mikalai Charnavus (who is a disabled person of the group II) was taken bad, and he asked for help many times, but the police major Alyaksei Hetmam refused to call in an ambulance.

After the administrative report was drawn up, Mikalai Charnavus was not released, but he was sent to the remand prison, where he felt really bad. His blood pressure became high, the public activist had a hypertensive crisis.

In this situation policemen had to call in an ambulance and take Mikalai Charnavus to the city hospital, where he stayed under supervision of two policemen.

As said by an activist Viktar Syritsa, who had a chance to talk to Mikalai Charnavus while he moved from the reception the to the 1st surgery department, he looks very tired and ill. At the same time it turned out that policemen didn’t allow the son of Mikalai Charnavus to visit him in the hospital.

Strikes of sole traders incited by the new regulations for business are held all over Belarus since July 1.