16 December 2018, Sunday, 0:49
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Nuncio Gugerotti: Belarusian people, don’t be afraid!

Vatican envoy’s made a very strong sermon speech in Budslau.

The celebration of the 400th anniversary of the miracle-working icon of Our Lady of Budslau was chaired by the Apostolic nuncio in Belarus archbishop Claudio Gugerotti.

In the framework of the celebrations at the National sanctuary of Our Lady of Budslau, which this year took place on 4-5 July, the Holy Mass took place at night, chaired by the Apostolic nuncio in Belarus archbishop Claudio Gugerotti. The Mass was preceded by a procession with a copy of the Our Lady of Budslau icon, in which up to 3000 pilgrims took part.

According to the hierarch, “the God tells every one of us: “Rejoice, exult, since I am with you”. “This is a real miracle that God gathered all of you here”, - the Apostolic nuncio highlighted. The archbishop also reassured the believers: “The Pope would like to be with you and the Pope is with you: he is with you when you cry and when you smile”.

The hierarch called attention to the image of God who consoles Maria, portrayed in the liturgical readings. “God consoles you, Belarusian people, - the representative of the Holy Father noted. – You are the people, who, like Maria, saw the death of Her Son”.

Speaking of the Budslau church, the archbishop said: “This church survived, and in it survived the icon, from which Our Lady blesses its people. This image is in all your hears, and no one will be able to erase it from your hearts”.

“In the same way you stood under the cross of tortured Christ. In the same way you were the body of crucified Christ. Like in the arms of Maria Christ’s dead body was put – in the same way His tortured body fell into the arms of the Belarusian people. How many times in your history they wanted to put Christ’s dead body in your arms, but in three days you stood before Christ resurrected”, - the archbishop pointed out.

According to the Apostolic nuncio, “Second invitation, God addressed to Maria, as well as to the Belarusian people –“do not be afraid, do not your arms weaken”. Do not be afraid, Belarusian people, even if it is hard, even when you have to cry – do not be afraid!” – the hierarch urged.

The archbishop added that “fear is what kills us: not specific reality, but the fear of the future”, “fear hampers our relations, does not let us meet each other in the streets and at home”, “fear often orders us not to tell what we think, not show, what we feel”, “fear says: remain still, stay where you are”.

Having mentioned that the Belarusian people are called the most forbearing in the world, the hierarch noted: “Forbearance is a great virtue, under the condition that it does not turn into the lack of self-respect. Today Our Lady is looking at you and She is saying: do not let your arms weaken.

You have future, Belarusian people, there is a way before you, even if you cannot see it, - God has intended this way for you, - the Apostolic nuncio spoke to the believers. – You God is now among you in this Eucharist, and His Mother’s protection is with you also”.

“Do not be afraid – these are the words, addressed to every one of you, and they were shouted by John Paul II during his papacy, - the archbishop added. – Belarusian people, do not let yourself put off the life in you, do not become your own hangman”. The hierarch emphasized that “looking into the eyes of this people, who will feel itself lover by God, the whole world will feel that God lives”.